Getting Started

Step 1: Sign up for a Free Account

Please complete the registration form for our review. We will email you the login details once your application is approved.

Step 2: Login to our SMS Web portal at URL (

Step 3: Click on -> Request for a Sender Name (up to 11 alphanumeric characters) or Sender ID (up to 16 digits). Once your Sender Name or Sender ID is approved, you can start sending SMS.

Step 4: Click on -> Upload your recipient list with country code follow by the mobile number. Example, 6591234567 (where 65 is the Singapore country code and 91234567 is the 8 digits mobile number)

Step 5: Create a SMS campaign or a Quick SMS taking note on the length and number of messages. The number of characters and message length are displayed at the bottom of the SMS message window.

Step 6: You can schedule or send your SMS immediately.

Step 7: Need more credits, click on Billing -> Order Credits

View Delivery Report

Step 1: Click on Reports -> Log MT for detailed reports

Step 2: Click on button to display ALL records.

Click on XLS or CSV to download to Excel or CSV report.