Buy or Top up Credits Now!

The more you buy, the more you save. SMS starting from SGD 4.3 cents per SMS! Minimum purchase is 1,000 SMS. Applicable to all new purchase and credits top up for existing customers.


  • = 1,000 to < 4,999, cost is SGD $0.043 per SMS
  • = 5,000 to < 9,999, cost is SGD $0.033 per SMS
  • = 10,000 to < 19,999, cost is SGD $0.028 per SMS
  • = 20,000 to < 40,001, cost is SGD $0.023 per SMS
  • > > 40,000, please contact us for lowest price!


There is no expiry date with SMS credits purchased.

View Delivery Report

Step 1: Click on Reports -> Log MT for detailed reports

Step 2: Click on button to display ALL records.

Click on XLS or CSV to download to Excel or CSV report.

For a different SMS volume and other countries SMS rates, please contact us for details. Price and SMS rates subject to change from timeto time and updated without notice. 

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